Sea Change at 70

Sea Change at 70 is Life in Nature Coaching for women in aging.

Sea Change means subtle transformation: The aim is to be more resilient, resourced and relevant as we age.

Daily practices and habits support us in responding to change and challenge.
We are what we practice.

I take a homeopathic and mindful approach to dynamic coaching. This is more than talking about it, this is making a difference. Expect change, subtle it may be, impactful it is.

I work with women through aging transformations including  retirement,  loss, relocating and re- purposing to discover what works for each one of us

Life In Nature coaching means  bringing awareness to how we inhabit our bodies, ourselves and the natural world.

Our individual well being is directly linked to community, to how we relate to all those others we share the planet with.

We begin with listening to our bodies. How do we feel in our bodies?  How are our bodies and minds changing as we age?

We listen in to our own ‘still quiet voices’ to rediscover our deepest needs, desires and self expressions.

We move outwards to discover our changing relationship to others, to the living environment, to the world.

Through working together outside, on the beach or in the woods, we connect with the natural world as participants in a shared environment.

I work with Vision and Value rituals, Self kindness and Gratitude practices, Simple nutrition and fitness tweaks and many more individualised practices.

Life In Nature coaching  helps restore our freedom to move and respond with more ease confronted as we are by daily complexity and distraction.

Life in Nature coaching helps restore wellbeing, focus, purpose.

The task is for us each to embody and practice being the wild and wise elders the world is crying out for.

As Gabrielle Roth ( 5 Rhythms Dance) says –

“We each have a heart broken child, a rebellious teenager and a wise elder within us.”

We can invoke each of these energies to heal and resource us for this task of  aging. It can be a coming home to our own wild and wise natures.

This initiative arises from 2 months locked down in retreat in north west Murcia in Spain in Spring 2020. Reflecting on the wild and wonderful women we all know who in their 70s, 80s and 90s are care givers, creators, artists and practitioners.

It is time for us to emerge as the wise women elders we and the world need us to be.

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